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Devon in her favorite hiding place.

Devon in her favorite hiding place.

Chelsea, always ready for her close-up.

Chelsea, always ready for her close-up.

The MacKenzie-Childs Spring Catalog photo shoot in my garden.  Photo: Walter Colley Images.

The MacKenzie-Childs Spring Catalog photo shoot in my garden.

Photo: Walter Colley Images.

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Decorating your home, post-holidays



While most teenagers were playing outside, I was re-arranging my parents’ furniture, shopping for home accessories and dressing the dinner table like the Royals were outside our door.  For my 16th birthday I begged for an antique brass hall tree (what kid doesn’t want that?). For me, playing outside included gardening. When I discovered perennials, I knew my life would never be the same.

‘Putting it together’ and creating beautiful surroundings have always been my thing. Whether the ‘it’ is a living space indoors or out, I’ve long been the go-to guy for which paint color to splatter, what chair goes where, which plant to plant. 

(I'm obsessed. I admit it.)

I believe your home decor should reflect your life, tell your story. 

It's less about the latest trend and more about integrating cherished treasures in new ways. Collections, rare or not. That favorite vase from your mother. Your child’s first masterpiece. Who says you can’t be ‘today’ without a classic touch from yesterday.

Be beautiful inside and out.

Enhancing your living space continues outdoors where I'll work with your existing plants or start from scratch to create gardens and outdoor rooms that are low maintenance but still look like a page out of a magazine (assuming you like that sort of thing).

Designing your home and garden shouldn’t be intimidating or cost prohibitive.

I promise I won’t enter your door waving my hands in disgust and sending your furniture away, guilting you into liking an uncomfortable chair just because it’s the latest craze (unless you want me to...I’m all about customer satisfaction).

I will however listen carefully and collaborate with you about your objectives and desires, whether that’s a whole new look or just a refresh.  

So think of me as your home and garden therapist.  

I mean, we all need a little help from time to time. So do our homes and gardens. 


Nardone Home & Garden has been helping clients rediscover the beauty around them in Rochester, Boston, Chicago, Florida, New York.

Experienced in designing interiors and landscapes for over a decade including previous design experience at Leighton Design Group and Arena's Florist.

Studied marketing, interior design, horticulture and landscape design at Rochester Institute of Technology, Interior Design Institute, Cornell University, St. John Fisher College. Earned BS, MBA degrees. But my real training started with my parents, who blessed me with innate creativity and inspired me from the beginning. My mother was a gifted artist since she was a child. My father, born and raised on an orchard in Italy, was a masterful gardener all his life. 

Enough about me. 

How can I help you rediscover the beauty around you? 

Joseph Nardone